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What is StreamMyScreen?

StreamMyScreen is the easiest to use, most affordable and most powerful livestreaming product on the market. Its user-focused features allow creators ultimate control over how they monetize their streams.

What makes StreamMyScreen so unique?

StreamMyScreen is natively built with Web3 technology. It is the only livestreaming product that allows all creators access to the metaverse with a suite of easy to use tools. Other livestreaming products are Web2, pixel-based, flat technology, like traditional video players.

Why is being built for and optimized for the metaverse important?

Web3 is revolutionizing the creator economy. Blockchain technology allows for fully immersive experiences and creates new ways for creators to own and monetize their own content directly with their audiences.

What makes StreamMyScreen so easy to use?

The intuitive UI (user interface) of StreamMyScreen is built for creators of all technical backgrounds. Once an account is set up, a streamer can customize their broadcast and go live in just a few clicks.

Where can StreamMyScreen be used?

StreamMyScreen streams to any RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) endpoint. All popular social platforms are supported, like Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, TikTok Live  and more are supported. When users are streaming to social platforms, they only need to get their stream key and server address for their StreamMyScreen broadcasts. And users can always stream to their own custom RTMP endpoint to connect with their audience.

Can StreamMyScreen be streamed to multiple endpoints?

Currently StreamMyScreen supports an individual endpoint, but multiple endpoints for simulcasting is being developed. StreamMyScreen is built with the vision for creators to connect with their audiences wherever they are.

How much does StreamMyScreen cost?

Users can sign up for 10 free hours to try StreamMyScreen. Paid membership is $9.99/month, making it the most affordable paid livestreaming product on the market.

What are the benefits of a paid StreamMyScreen membership?

StreamMyScreen paid users have unlimited streaming, full access to all features and can remove the StreamMyScreen watermark from their stream.

Does StreamMyScreen have to be downloaded?

StreamMyScreen is cloud based. There is no need to download additional software onto your computer.

What video resolution does StreamMyScreen broadcast?

StreamMyScreen gives users the choice of output resolution: 1080p, 720p or 480p.

Which browsers are best for StreamMyScreen?

StreamMyScreen recommends using Brave as your browser. It is the most efficient for GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), which means better video performance. Chrome is also great, but we recommend turning off Chrome extensions and disable GPU acceleration during your StreamMyScreen streams.

Can I invite people to stream along with me?

Absolutely. Currently, StreamMyScreen users can invite 1 more creator to co-stream. The original host can decide if the guest is both visible and heard by the audience. That means, an StreamMyScreen guest can be a full co-streamer or a commentator. In the future, users will be able to invite more guest streamers.

How can I customize my StreamMyScreen broadcast?

Currently, users can customize screen layouts, backgrounds, banners and text. Users can also upload their own backgrounds. All of these can also be changed during a livestream.

Is StreamMyScreen for more than just gameplay streaming?

Absolutely! The video layout options for StreamMyScreen allow maximum flexibility for the user to show how much of their desktop they are showing. While certain layouts are great for gameplay streaming, creators can use other layouts to showcase their creativity, regardless of the type of content.

What if I change my mind during a StreamMyScreen broadcast?

StreamMyScreen is easy to change midstream. You can change your customization choices during your livestream.

What is MintMyStream?

MMS is a first-of-its-kind feature that allows users to save video clips from a recorded stream and create real-time NFTs of their content. The blockchain technology is built into StreamMyScreen, so users can easily be part of the metaverse revolution.

Where can an audience buy MintMyStream NFTs?

StreamMyScreen makes it very easy for creators to sell and share their NFTs with their audience. StreamMyScreen has its own dedicated Storefront where NFTs can be traded, sold and bought directly with a credit card. For people familiar with cryptocurrency, the StreamMyScreen Storefront is a Skale environment, which means it is gasless. Users will also have the option to sell their NFTs on Opensea, currently the largest NFT marketplace.

Why are NFTs so special for creator content copyright?

StreamMyScreen NFTs are not like the NFT collections you may see that grab unfortunate headlines. MintMyStream are like digital memories that individual creators make to share with their audience. For creators, the key to blockchain technology is it records an original copyright of work. If a user creates content, like an MMS NFT, the copyright is attached to the NFT. If the NFT is sold again later, the original creator will get paid a royalty while the seller gets the sale price. With MMS, both the creator and fan/seller benefit from the resale. Currently, if an StreamMyScreen NFT is sold and resold either on the StreamMyScreen Storefront or the Opensea marketplace, that copyright will remain unbroken, allowing the original creator an opportunity for unlimited royalties for their content.

Does StreamMyScreen work only for desktop streaming?

Currently, StreamMyScreen is for desktop streaming, but with user interest, a mobile version may be developed in the near future.

What new revenue features are planned for StreamMyScreen?

StreamMyScreen will create more ways for creators to monetize their streams directly. This may include creator-controlled ads, sponsorships and in-stream eCommerce, in both traditional currencies and cryptocurrency.

What new customization features are planned for StreamMyScreen?

Since StreamMyScreen is built for the metaverse, new 3D, customizable studios are being developed. Soon creators will be able to stream inside immersive animated environments, like streaming inside of video games.

Who developed StreamMyScreen?

StreamMyScreen was created by Live CGI, a team of Emmy-winning leaders, forward-thinking Web3 developers and best-in-class game designers. Building on its decades of experience in broadcast entertainment, B2B virtual production, Unreal gaming development and livestreaming technology, Live CGI now makes its technical expertise available to all creators.

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